Our Services

Our Services



We serve a Four-course meal everyday that has a main dish, fresh veggies, seasonal fresh fruit and milk. NO CANNED VEGGIES OR FRUITS ARE USED. Food is prepared in our facility ‘s kitchen everyday and served so all children can enjoy hot lunches. parents can request for a copy of the latest lunch menu from school.

Safety and security

We promise a safe environment for all our children and have Security cameras all around our premises, a key code enforced main entrance and that code is given to the parents only.

After school program

We also provide after school program which involves assisting the students in completing their homework and students are provided with snacks and pickup/drop services

Second language classes Included

We strongly believe that having a second language helps the child in connecting themselves to their own cultures. We, therefore, have multiple bilingual staff to help children in adjusting and in improving communication.​

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